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Collaborating in your local communities
January 10, 2024 - 8PM CET
Live online event with Q&A

Our connections determine the outcome of many things, especially in a future going into a more technological direction. It is our humanity that sets us apart from machines and technology. Our care, emotional bonds, and affection for others. 

Collaborations will be super important to make sure everybody's basic needs are covered. We are not used to connect and collaborate in a practical way any more. But what if we have to? What if our lives even depend on it?

We choose to connect with our local community and contribute in a way that is needed. Not by forcing ourselves, but by letting it naturally develop through the bonds we build.

Many people speak about community, they know they have to collaborate,... So many words and so little action yet. We have to take immediate action in the way that suits us best. Often this means changing how we think, what we are used to, changing our habits and choosing a different way of spending our time. 

This event is a practical exchange about community support.


Evi will share about the experience in our local community. About her journey from being more personally closed, then opening up to a closer circle and connect with the local communityYou can ask questions, come up with ideas, connect, share freely and support each other. 

This event will be recorded, if you can't join live, you will be able to watch the replay.

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