Make new practical decisions to see this world change. 


If we want our life and this society to change, we have to change our behavior and actions. Each moment is an opportunity to choose something different and to course correct. 

Behind a lot of things lies a hidden abusive story, we are not aware of.

We all have the possibility to impact and influence the economy by saying no to what we don't want any more. We can choose how we spend our money and resources, with whom we connect, who and what we support, how we invest our time, how we generate basic needs for everyone around us, ...

  • Do you only buy what you need or much more?

  • Where do you buy your shoes, furniture, food,...

  • Is it local?

  • Do you support your own community?

  • How do you communicate?

  • Do you assume or ask? 

  • Do your decisions harm animals and /or nature? 

  • Are the products you buy made out of ecological material or was there abuse involved?

  • When you sponsor good causes, what are they doing with your money and who is behind them?

  • What do you want to support? What gives you joy and excitement?

  • Are you okay with abuse? Do you dare to speak up and say no? 

  • Can you say no when something really feels not okay? Stay true to yourself? Say what you truly feel? Even when it might hurt someone?

  • ..