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We make new practical decisions to see this world change. 

It's up to us

If we want our life and this society to change, we have to change our behavior and actions.

Each moment is an opportunity to choose something different and to course correct. 

We all have the possibility to impact and influence the economy by saying no to what we don't want any more. We can choose how we spend our money and resources, with whom we connect, who and what we support, how we invest our time, how we generate basic needs for everyone around us, ...

How are we doing this? 
  • We produce our own food and buy the rest from local organic farmers or on the local market.

  • We bought furniture made of recycled and ecological wood made by small local producers.

  • We recycle the water from the house with a grey water system which goes directly to the garden.

  • For electricity we are completely off the grid with a solar panel system.

  • We catch rain water from the roof to use for trees and plants.

  • We filter our own drinking water from the local well.

  • We dry and can/preserve food for winter.

  • We invest our resources in the local economy, supporting local projects.

  • We encourage and support the next generation to share their talents/gifts with the world.

  • We work completely on appreciation base. 

  • We only buy what we really need and try to use recycled materials.

  • We make/build a lot of things ourselves

  • We share our time to help out our community of neighbors when help is needed. 

  • If we can offer a helping hand, or we have an expertise, connection,... that might help someone we gladly do so.

These actions feel good for us, and they are aligned with our personal living situation. They are just an example of different choices you can make as an inspiration. We encourage you to make your own choices in line with your life and the changes you want to see (around you).

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